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Promolicensing of the Promosistem Group, manages the following brands with a wide range of products,
with the aim of offering you exclusive items for your promotional campaigns.

As licensees of these brands you will have access to unique products.

tres licencias promolicensing

Promolicensing's exclusive brands are recognized for their excellence.

We choose the best brands to make your business gifts unique and of high quality.

With these exclusive products, your company will make a difference by placing itself in a preferred position. These are our brands:

  • SWISSBAGS: brand of high quality and innovative backpacks and suitcases.
  • MURONA: elegant jewelry and costume jewellery for any occasion.
  • SCHWARZWOLF: for outdoor sports lovers, travellers, tourists and cycling enthusiasts.
  • VANILLA SEASON: art of living in the kitchen.
  • PAPERMINTS: Menthol candies to enjoy fresh and pleasant breath at all times.
  • PROMOTE: manufacture of gluten-free paints for children without any toxic products.
  • TODORS: Say goodbye to bad smells in the most responsible and ecological way.

Learn more about all these exclusive brands of Promolicensing from Promosistem Group.

bolsas swissbags


Backpacks with original and innovative designs.

The SWISSBAGS® promotional product collections symbolise a new experience of accessories represented by the motto: "Quality comes first and does not contradict price optimisation".

Its wide range of backpacks and outdoor bags offer different collections that adapt to the current day to day needs. Like your anti-theft RFID wallet.

For more information:www.swissbags.eu

joyas murona


Find your perfect jewel for every moment.

We design sterling silver and sterling silver jewellery with a gold bath for you to customize your day-to-day looks.

Find that perfect jewel you're looking for for that special moment and make every occasion worth it!

Wide range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.... If you want to find out more: www.murona.com

schwarzwolf outdoor


The most modern and young outdoor brand.

The philosophy of the Schwarzwolf Outdoor brand is to offer the best possible combination of modern design and sophisticated functionality and to provide quality to all outdoor sports enthusiasts, travellers, tourists and cycling enthusiasts. This has been going on for 20 years.

For more information: en.schwarzwolf.cz

pinturas infantiles


Art of living in the kitchen with the most elegant brand.

Vanilla Season wants to offer a fresh and lasting design, as well as create positive emotions associated with cooking, eating and spending quality time with friends. Vanilla Season inspires the kitchen, enhances the dining experience and offers relaxation and happiness to your audience.

Vanilla Season is the art of living.

For more information: en.vanillaseason.cz

caramelos sweets


A fresh breath whenever you need it.

Wide variety of mint candies liquid for fresh breath and durable.

Customized with a sticker with your logo.

foto tubo mint caramelos
pinturas infantiles


Children's paints without toxic products and gluten free.

T-colors is the paint brand of a cooperative group that has been working since 1965 for the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities through work.

All paints are water-based, free of toxic products and gluten, latex or lactose. Its laboratories ensure that they comply with all the strict EN71 safety standards, among others.

The range is very varied, from acrylic paints, 3D paint, chalk paint, tempera, white glue, fluorescent paint, glitter, textile paint... to creating a fully customizable game kit.

elimina olores


ELIMINATE ODOURS: Farewell to bad smells in the most responsible way.

We collaborate with a Cooperative Group that has been working for 50 years for the social and labour integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

How do your products work? First, they eliminate odours through chemical reactions that neutralize the molecules that cause odours. Second, a soft, harmonious fragrance appears with the formulation of odor elimination. There are different odor eliminators available: for cooking, car, taxi, pets, shoes and garbage.


In this presentation you will find all the information about our brands.
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It is a company that belongs to the Promosistem Group. At Promosistem we specialize in the design and development of exclusive promotional products for the evolution of our clients' brands. We use the latest technologies for innovation, creativity and personality of the products and services offered.

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